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Looking for a farm in Nigeria where you can get clean, healthy farm fresh produce for your meals? We here at Triosed Farms, have got you. Triosed Farms is part of a Triosed Agro-Allied Ltd. initiative, to be the country’s leading supplier of farm fresh food.

Your Farm Fresh Haven

Incorporating global best practices and a healthy business philosophy to produce and deliver quality farm fresh food. 

Healthy and Clean

Farm Fresh Produce



Our portfolio includes a line-up of quality domesticated farm birds, well nourished and reared under healthy conditions. Chicken, Turkey, Quail and much more. We supply frozen fresh chicken and turkey meat as well as chicken and quail eggs.


Fresh Meat

Healthy, farm fresh, frozen fresh meat also available here, at Triosed Farms. In the spirit of variety, our supply includes: Chicken, Turkey, Goat meat, Mutton, Snail and much more. All available in different weight categories and at great prices.


Vegetables and Food Crops

Farm fresh, well prune, fruit and leafy vegetables. Add more healthy greens to your meals with Triosed Farms. From Tomatoes to Lettuce, we have that widely divergent veggie line-up that you’re looking for.

About Triosed Farms

Triosed Agro-Allied Limited is an agro-based subsidiary of Triosed Nigeria Limited.

Triosed Agro-Allied is largely invested specifically, in poultry farming, medium-scale animal husbandry and commercial horticulture. The company was established with capital focus on cultivating and distributing quality farm fresh food and produce. The company’s philosophy revolves around meticulousness, quality service delivery and supplementary consumer support and this philosophy extends to all facets of the business.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Farm Fresh Produce

We deliver healthy, clean, farm fresh produce, cultivated and produced in an optimal environment.

Quality Consumer Services

We are passionately dedicated to quality assurance and consumer support to ensure that all your complaints and inquiries are properly attended.

Affordable Pricing

All services and products are obtainable at finance-friendly prices.


Farm Scenes

Pictures directly from the farm premises. The farm structures, beautiful greenery, the livestock and everything else in between. Can’t get enough? See more pictures in our Gallery page.

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